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By reducing substance abuse, we can save lives, protect our children, and break the cycle of intergenerational trauma

Cairy was born out of a meeting between two alcoholics

On the surface, everything seemed perfect: a successful business, an amazing family, and a beautiful home. But alcohol slowly took over.


When one of our founders was faced with a life or death situation due to his alcohol addiction, something within him shifted. He needed to change his entire life, change himself, and, above all, start living in service to others. He needed to find a way to not be trapped in his ego.

He asked himself:

  • How does one seek help?

  • How does the treatment of alcoholism actually work?

  • Why do current methods have such a low success rate?

  • Why do so few people seek help in the first place?

  • What can be done to improve this situation?

  • How can technology be used to help?

The options available did not appeal to him.

Then he met another alcoholic. Both saw the power in getting to know someone in the same situation.

This realization led to the creation of Cairy, a platform for individuals to connect and support each other on their journey towards recovery.

A man with a backpack looks down a mountain edge, and another man stands behind holding onto a strap of the backpack.

Motivation through toughness or loving kindness?

How do we create sustainable change in our lives?

New Year's resolutions, abstinence, discipline, toughness, willpower, and grit - it's the path of effort at any cost.


Have you, like many others, discovered that this approach doesn't work for you? Have you made grand plans, launched into action, and then fallen back into old patterns after a while? Has it made you feel like a failure and weak? Are there any alternatives?

A mural of Albert Einstein holding a sign that reads 'Love is the answer'.

Interesting research on behavior change points to unexpected factors that lead to success. This is what we have focused on.

For us at Cairy, it is the heart's abilities, insight, and joy that characterize our philosophy, not a clenched fist and willpower.

We believe that change happens best when we approach it with compassion, understanding, and patience. This is why our platform is built on the principles of support, community, and connection.


We are here to help individuals make positive changes in their lives and support them every step of the way. Let's embrace a kinder, gentler approach to change and create a brighter future together.


We want to completely break the stigma around addiction

A very small percentage of all people suffering from addiction seek treatment, medical care, or any kind of help.

It's not that people don't want help.

Research shows that addiction stigma largely prevents people from getting the help they need. Many simply feel that it's too big a step to ask for help and unfortunately risk increasing their addiction, isolating themselves more, or even dying.

At Cairy, we work to lower the threshold globally, for seeking help to stop drinking. Our hope is that people won't have to lose everything to address their problems.

Instead, we want to completely break the stigma around addiction, create pride, and be an attractive alternative for the lifestyle change that is sometimes required.


The only way out is the way in - into the heart

Our logo is an orange heart with two horns, representing the journey towards inner peace and happiness. The horns symbolize the challenges that we face in our daily lives, while the heart represents the love, compassion, and support that we need to overcome them.

The color orange represents energy, warmth, and enthusiasm. It reminds us to stay positive and hopeful, even when things get tough.


Together, the logo represents our mission to help people become and stay sober, and to provide them with the love and support they need to achieve their goals.

A white heart with orange devil horns.

Our philosophy is reflected in the Cairy logo.

The horns represent desires, thoughts, habits, and the will to escape from what is difficult.

An orange heart with white devil horns.

The heart represents inner peace, acceptance, and the heartfelt desire to be happy.


The heart also symbolizes something greater than "ourselves": belonging, friendship, the Cairy community, family, nature, the universe, love, or compassion.

Cairy's logo, an orange heart with orange devil horns.

It's only 2 dm/7.8 in from the brain to the heart, but the path can be winding.


We guide you there and teach you to observe your thoughts, feelings, and unconscious behavior patterns to reduce the power and influence of the "horns."

Per, co-funder. Andreas CEO and co-funder. Natalie, marketing. Pål, method developer. Jens, design.

Facts about alcohol misuse

Read more about the effects of alcohol on your health, environment, and relationships.


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