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Frequently asked questions


Can I be completely anonymous in Cairy?

Yes. You choose how anonymous you want to be on our platform. It is your decision if you want to upload a picture of yourself, use your real name or prefer to be completely anonymous. For us, the most important thing is to respect and support each user.

Although, being daring enough to show your real self can be a big step to break the cycle of shame.

Will you share my personal data?

We take your safety seriously. We do not pass on any information whatsoever to a third party site. You can also delete your information at any time.

Who is Cairy for?

Cairy is for anyone wanting to live a sober life, whether you define yourself as an addict, alcoholic or just want to stop drinking.  We believe that our platform can be a good and easily accessible first step to a new way of living.


​If you have any other addiction, you are of course welcome.  There's a lot of useful information and a supportive community in the app that can help anyone, despite what stage you are in your life.

I can't stop drinking. What should I do?

If you feel like you have lost control of your drinking, in our experience, the best thing you can do is turn to others for help.  You can ask for help in your nearest dependency center, your health center or get professional advice focused on addiction. You can also turn to any of the various twelve-step programs available.

Download the Cairy app. Use our community to get in touch with other members who have been in the same situation, do the steps in our program and use the exercises to help you resist the temptation.

How do I know if I'm an alcoholic?

​It is something you can only decide for yourself. An indicator is to see if you have a hard time stopping once you've started to drink or if you're drinking has resulted in negative consequences in your life. A clear sign is if alcohol is impacting your health and relationships. However, you don't need to label yourself to seek help. In our app you can find people with similar experiences, thoughts and feelings.


Can I block other users?

You can easily block other members if needed. Your security and integrity are important to us and you should always feel safe at Cairy. If you find something inappropriate, report it to us and we can take further appropriate actions.

Why should I use Cairy, instead of sharing my thoughts on, for example Facebook?

Many of our users are not comfortable to share their problems openly. What's more, it's very difficult to find like minded people that can offer the right support. In our app you have the ability to be anonymous if you do not feel comfortable to share your personal information. We strongly believe that bringing people, trying to get break free from their addictions, together in one forum can be incredible helpful and beneficial. The warmth, support and recognition in the app is beyond words.

Who are we, the team behind Cairy?

We, the founders of Cairy, are sober alcoholics ourselves so we know the struggles of addictions. But we also have a solid background in tech and entrepreneurship. You can find more information under the About tab.

In which countries are Cairy accessible?

The first launch was in Sweden in Swedish. But we are currently working on an English version of the app. Coming soon.

How many people can attend a video meeting at once?

Up to 4 people can attend a video meeting at the same time. You have the option to choose whom you want to invite to the meeting and what the meeting's purpose is.

Take the first step towards sobriety

Meet others, share, and socialize on Cairy

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