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A sober weekend- but how?

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The weekend is approaching and resisting the temptation to have a drink (or two, three, four...) can be a challenge. Perhaps you've already thought about what to buy at the liquor store after work, or you've been daydreaming about swapping everyday boredom for a party?

But there are ways to manage these temptations and ensure that Monday morning's hangover and anxiety don't happen.

Have a plan! Having a plan in advance can help you stay on track. Write down your goals for the weekend and how you plan to achieve them. What specific things can you do to avoid alcohol or drugs this weekend?

Find support. Having support from friends and family or from the community at Cairy can make a big difference when it comes to staying sober. Talk to someone who supports your sobriety, who understands what you're going through, and who you can contact when temptation becomes too strong.

Find alternatives. If you usually drink to relax or to manage stress, find other ways to relax and cope with what stresses you out. The problem with alcohol is that all emotions are numbed, not just the specific feeling you want to get rid of. Alternative activities can be anything from listening to music, doing breathing exercises, or taking a walk.

Break the habit. Easier said than done, but not impossible! To break a habit, you must first identify it. Try to be aware of what you're doing and when you're doing it. Write down your habit and try to understand what triggers it.

Replace the habit with something else. If you always go straight to the liquor store after work, try taking a different route home and thus avoid temptation altogether while breaking your old pattern and creating a new, healthy routine.

Try to avoid what triggers you to drink/take drugs. It can be specific places or people that can increase the risk of you falling back into your old habit. Try to avoid it or prepare yourself to handle it in a constructive way.

Maybe it means ordering a non-alcoholic drink or bringing a friend you know is sober so that there are several of you present who don't drink.

Reward yourself. Rewarding yourself when you succeed in breaking your habit can help you continue on the new path. It can be small things like buying a new book or taking time to enjoy the spring sun.

Focus on the benefits of being sober, such as better health, better sleep, and more time and money for other things.

Sobriety can be a challenge, but with a plan, support, and strategies, you can stay on track and ensure that this and future weekends are white.

wishing you a safe and sober weekend.

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