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How do I know if I'm an Alcoholic?

Updated: Apr 19

Nine signs of alcohol abuse


Have you asked yourself recently "am I an alcoholic?" Just by asking that question it reveals a lot about your relationship with alcohol.

Alcohol abuse is sadly widespread, and common in both men and women, young and old people. There are many factors responsible for the development of an addiction. For example it can be your overall health, your social life, high stress or not being happy in your work/life.

Do you think you have an unhealthy relationship to alcohol? Do you feel a need to change your habits?

Signs that you might have an alcohol addiction can be that you:

1. Drink more than you want.

2. Use alcohol more frequently. Maybe several days in a week, or even every day.

3. Easily loose control when in contact with alcohol.

4. Turn to alcohol when you feel uncomfortable feelings like anxiety, melancholy or shame. It can even be feelings of boredom and stress that you consciously or unconsciously try to numb with alcohol.

5. Need a larger volume of alcohol to feel intoxicated.

6. Feel that alcohol is taking over a significant portion of your life. And takes time and energy away from other things in your life.

7. Have failed several times to reduce or quit drinking.

8. Feel side effects of abstinence such as sickness, shaking, sleeping problems, etc.

9. Feel that your drinking habits have brought negative consequences to your life. It can be your finances, family life, work or other obligations.


Do you relate to one or more of these? Then you have taken the first step to make a change - you have come to insight. Next step is to identify the root cause of your problems. Cairy is here to support you and give you guidance on your journey to sobriety.

Do you want to learn more about the facts about alcohol abuse and how it impacts your relationships and health. Read more on the facts about alcohol page.

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