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Overcoming Addictions

Dr. Anna Lembke talks about how we should understand and treat addictions

We, at Cairy, would like to recommend this very interesting episode of the Huberman Lab Podcast. This is for anyone wanting a deeper look into this topic, learning how to take control over and overcome addictions. Psychiatry-expert Dr. Anna Lembke is the guest for this episode. She has a lenghty experience of treating all types of addictions. ⁠ The biology and psychology of why some people get addicted to certain substances or behaviors are explored. As well as the key role "dopamine balance" has to create addictions. Moreover, the science of overcoming addictions are explained. Why do we relapse? How do we prevent relapse?

Furthermore, Dr. Lembke shares her expertise about closely related subjects such as community, shame and lying. How the dopamine levels in our brain are adjusted by telling the truth- even about the most basic things in our daily lives. ⁠

This episode is important for anyone struggling with an addiction. Or friends, families, and health care professionals. It is also for us that has freed ourselves from the grip of addiction and are determined to stay clean. And lastly, it is for anyone that wants to learn about the human mind and how to create a healthy life.

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