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Seven sunny, easy mocktails for the summertime!

Days at the beach, picnics with the kids and late cozy evenings. That’s what summer often is associated with. And, large amounts of alcohol. You’re kind of expected to have a beer at the family barbecue, a glass of wine when catching up with friends or cocktails after dinner. But maybe you've come to the conclusion that it's time to start enjoying the summer holiday sober? Whether you're avoiding alcohol completely or looking to reduce your consumption, here are some tips for easy to make, refreshing mocktails.

A glass of orange juice, ice cubes, and lime wedges.

Ginger Ale Soda

1 lemon, optional amount of ginger, ice cubes, 10 dl/40 fl oz of ginger ale, mint leaves or lemon balm.

Here's how to make it: Squeeze half of the lemon and slice the rest. Peel and slice the ginger. Fill large glasses with ice, lemon, and ginger. Pour ginger ale over it. Decorate with mint leaves or lemon balm. Serve immediately.

Mojito with Kombucha

Elderflower Drink


GT without G

Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri


The recipes are calculated for approximately four people.

For an extra touch of summer, you can try mixing edible flowers and berries in the simple syrup or freeze them into ice cubes. For example, elderflower, blackcurrant, or lavender. Recipes sourced from:

Aftonbladet, folk o folk, Mårtenssons kök, Tasteline, Taysta , Coop and kö

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