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"I am happy with the journey so far. Over the moon grateful for Cairy and the community here. The program has been helping me day by day with exercises that make me feel calm, less stressed, and grateful. All the shared experiences provide me with insights and perspectives. I am also delighted to have found my sobriety buddy who helps me!"


"I just want to convey how immensely significant this app, community, recognition, support, and motivation has been for me during these first 5 sober days! Being able to share in everyone's experiences, strength, honesty, emotions, ups, and downs has been invaluable."


"Cairy is a great and important app, I am so glad I found it! I am convinced that the app provides excellent support for many who, like me, have addiction or substance abuse problems. Cairy offers contact, tips, therapy, friendship, and much more. All of this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Use it too! Good luck on the road to a healthier life, we'll hear and see each other!"


"Starting with THANK YOU FOR EXISTING! I downloaded the app and it didn't take long until I felt that this was what I needed. Completely stripped down, honest, and like a thread running through my life, I was no longer alone! You have an understanding of how you feel and what everyone is going through. I can feel that when I share, I help someone who in turn confirms it. Without your app, I would probably have relapsed, but now I go into the app and read or write, and I feel so much better! THANKS AGAIN!"


"Last spring I became a member of Cairy after a recommendation in a podcast about addiction. It is a fantastic community for us with addiction disease. I read posts several times a day for inspiration and support. I have not yet 'dared' to attend an audio meeting (a little unsure how it works) but maybe in the future. Even though I have had several relapses, the app and the posts give me inspiration, hope, support and I feel less alone. I rarely make my own posts, but it still gives me something. Thank you Cairy!"


"I have abused alcohol for 49 years. Now I have been sober for 4.5 years thanks to you. I have had many 'aha' moments that I had not thought of before. It has been a great help!"


"Cairy has become important to me. I start every day with the daily promise. It makes me think through the day/life and reminds me of what I have to risk/lose. It may sound like a small thing, but for me, it's very important."


"To connect with others who also have addiction problems and therefore understand you is fantastic. And to be able to receive this support and input 24-7 is amazing. This app became my path to recovery."


"Cairy provides me with great benefits on many different levels. I feel a sense of belonging with others who are like me and feel like I "fit in" somewhere. I share my thoughts and reflections, both positive and negative, and receive good feedback and encouragement from others who understand what I'm going through. I feel like I'm doing something good by being there for someone who needs the same things as I do with my thoughts and experiences. The sobriety tracker motivates me to stay sober, even if only for a day. I love this app, and it is a part of my daily life and an important component of my sobriety.
Thank you for existing."


"For me, Cairy means an additional tool in the toolbox. Another way to stay sober. A complement to the buffet table of spiritual literature - and the twelve-step program, and all its spiritual guidance. I am very grateful to Cairy. It feels good to know that help is always just a button press away."


"I found Cairy on Instagram one morning when I had a vision of my future. I downloaded it and started reading in the community, and after reading a few posts, I gathered the courage to write a few lines. The warmth and welcome were immense. Today, I have been sober for over 10 months, and I read in the app daily. When I feel low, there is always a "meeting" in my pocket. I have met people in the app who have changed my life in many good ways. So I would say that Cairy is a part of why I am sober today."


"I am so positively surprised by the content that could fit any context and any people. I have actively worked on personal development for over four years after ending a long-term marriage with psychological abuse. Many things I have already practiced, felt, and heard before, but I think the content is incredibly clear and conveys immense security. It helps me enormously to shift the focus onto myself and immediately reduces all anxiety. I am so happy that I have found the app, thank you so much!"


Thank you for allowing me to be here! I work with health myself, coaching others in both personal development and lifestyle (love it!). What doesn't fit is my too high alcohol consumption, which I mentally put "aside" and cannot handle. I am so grateful for what you are doing! Not just because I won't risk meeting my clients while drunk in the store in the future, but also because I feel that this is the missing piece for me to feel good and be honest with both myself and others.


"I think the content in the Cairy app is well thought out and spot on. I believe that addiction is an emotional disease and when we become sober, we need to face all the emotions we have been avoiding, not to mention overcoming the mental obsession. The Cairy app provides exercises/courses that meet users where they are emotionally on any given day, as well as exercises that provide daily support and a course that increases understanding and provides tools.

There is a community in the app where users can write, share and receive support from others who are in the same situation or have been in the past. Getting sober requires making sacrifices and sometimes we need to close some doors behind us. It's hard to make new connections when we become sober and many of us become lonely or feel alone even when we are surrounded by people. The Cairy app provides the opportunity to find a community and perhaps make friends for life.


I think Cairy delivers much of what is needed to maintain sobriety, both with a community and the opportunity for professional help."


"I found the app not so long ago. I myself have been drug-free for quite a while and I am currently studying to become a treatment educator. I will recommend the app to my classmates who can then pass it on to clients. I had a drug addiction for about 20 years with multiple prison sentences and criminality as a result. I know how hard it is to change and I wish I had this app when I was at my worst. Many people sit alone at home and that poses a risk of relapse. That's why I think your concept is superb. You can read what you want, you have people to talk to who understand - unfortunately not all "ordinary" people do. And you don't have to feel alone even if you don't see each other physically, so a call or writing a few lines can help in tough times. I've done it myself, I've even been to NA meetings just to talk to people who understand. Because even though I've succeeded as I have, I also have bad days when I think about drugs in my case. But luckily I've learned that thoughts can't be controlled, but you can learn to control what you do with your thoughts. So thank you for a fantastic site. I hope to be able to support and be a support for others and vice versa."


"It feels good to be able to meet in this forum regardless of where you are in your journey towards sobriety. Here we are all equal in some way, yet not quite the same. We can share our stories that we have carried alone, how we are feeling right here and now without feeling ashamed. There is always something that we can relate to and everyone is equally welcome.

What is also good is that there are different programs and exercises that have helped many of us, as well as audio meetings where we can converse about different themes or something else that is difficult to carry alone. It is the disease of loneliness that we all know, but with all this love, warmth, and support that exists within, none of us need to feel alone."


"I started to realize or admit to myself more and more that "I have a problem with alcohol". I started listening to podcasts about addiction and heard about Cairy from there. I was very nervous, downloaded it but didn't even write where I lived, age or anything like that and had no picture. But when I understood the idea of Cairy, it felt so wonderful, liberating and I was relieved to be able to read that there were others like me. I wrote a little more personally about myself, posted a picture and have made a nice friend through Cairy, and many nice people I write with. Cairy has become a bit like my morning and evening routine where I make a promise to myself and am reminded every day why I want to continue to be sober. And in the evenings, I can read what others have written and I feel such gratitude for my new life today. I have done the 12-step program with a sponsor and it feels like with the tools from there, Cairy and also podcasts, my life will continue to be absolutely fantastic. And I can be the best mother I can for my children. Thank you for an amazing app! I believe it has really changed many lives for the better."


"It's strange to go through recovery without support from colleagues and some friends, as I've mostly managed my alcohol abuse in secrecy and solitude. I work in healthcare myself, outwardly presenting as healthy and well. It's a damn strange illness that must be the only one where you have to explain why you choose to get better and not always receive encouragement and support. Imagine being able to say on a Monday at work that the weekend was hellish, but you're grateful for being sober. When colleagues are sick, they are encouraged with flowers and support during both their illness and recovery. Those of us who are recovering in secret don't receive any of that, so damn, we are strong! I couldn't have done it without the support and encouragement from all the wonderful Cairy members! And not to mention the counter that shows how long you've been sober, it's incredibly satisfying to see it count up from seconds to days to now over five months! Thank you Cairy."


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